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Charles Castillo

Charlie is currently the Human Resources Director for the City of Petaluma. He brings over two decades of experience with many aspects of the Human Resources portfolio ranging from recruitment and retention where Charlie started his career to negotiations and labor relations in his more recent positions. Prior to Petaluma, he worked in the San Francisco Unified School District, the San Francisco Airport, the General Services Agency, and the Fine Arts Museums.

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We create a positive, diverse and productive workplace where all employees are respected, valued, and empowered to deliver excellent service to Petaluma.

We also handle all recruiting.  Are you looking for a place where you can build your career without giving up your life? Are you interested in a community where there are interesting people and fun things to do—and a healthy job market? It’s not a pipe dream. It’s Petaluma.

Whether you’ve worked in municipal government for your whole career or your considering local government work for the first time, we’d love to meet you.

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