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HHinesPlanning Manager Heather Hines' background is in urban planning and historic preservation, including over twenty years experience as a planning professional in Utah, Washington, and California. Heather has worked in the City of Petaluma since early 2010, progressing from her initial position as Senior Planner to her current role of Planning Manager. Heather's planning portfolio includes both long-range and current planning projects in preservation and adaptive reuse, downtown infill, rezonings, general plan amendments, large residential subdivisions, as well as development of historic district guidelines, affordable housing strategies, and zoning code updates. Heather has also worked extensively with neighborhood and community groups to help them navigate and participate in the planning process.

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Petaluma's Planning Division provides oversight for all development and use of private property within the City.  From installing a new fence to developing a high density apartment complex, the Planning Division is here to ......


The Planning Division provides development review services for proposals on private property. This is principally accomplished through implementation of Petaluma’s General Plan as well as through regulations such as the Implementing Zoning Ordinance, SmartCode, and Municipal Code. The Planning Division directly supports the City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Committee, Public Art Committee, and facilitates the staff-level Development Review Committee.


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