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Public Works & Utilities


The Public Works & Utilities Department oversees roads, parks, bridges, cycling paths, an airport and marina. We have our own public bus system, wastewater treatment plant, and water resources programs. As you can imagine, it takes a large, talented team to take care of the City’s important infrastructure, provide transportation, and deliver and collect water from each home and business. Our team is broken into three main work areas: Public Works, Utilities, and Engineering.

Public Works takes care of the City's streets, public spaces, and other City infrastructure. Public Works also designs and manages major improvement projects like sewer or water line upgrades, new sports fields construction, and improvements to trails and open space. The Petaluma Airport, Marina, and Transit system are also part of the Public Works team.

Utilities buys and distributes clean water, collects and treats waste water, and runs programs to conserve and recycle water.

Engineering oversees the traffic control and flood plain administration programs. This team also makes sure that construction that happens within the City limits is done safely and in a way that meets our community's standards.

Dan St. John

Director Dan St. John has led Public Works and Utilities since January 2012.  His career includes director-level positions in Nevada and Northern California.  He is a professional engineer registered in Colorado and Nevada and earned a MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Jason BeattyAssistant Director Jason Beatty’s background includes a successful U.S. Coast Guard career where he served in a number of roles including ship inspections, engineering, and facilities management.  He attended the Coast Guard Academy and has the benefit of master’s degrees in Construction Management and Civil Engineering.

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