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Disaster Prep

Helping You Get Prepared

The City of Petaluma strongly urges residents and businesses to spend time and some money on disaster preparedness.

We give this advice for a few reasons. First, we want as few people to get hurt directly by the disaster. When you know how to respond an earthquake, or that you should not drive in a flooded area, you are more likely to minimize injury or avoid it altogether.

Equally important is the role that planning plays in the wake of a disaster. OK, you survived the earthquake or the fire or the flood. Now what? How do you gather loved ones (including pets) and help them stay safe? How do you get food, water, and electricity if the power goes out? How will you afford to rebuild or keep your business going?

Read on to learn how to protect yourself and your family -- and bounce back as quickly as possible.



photo from on scene at fire


You can survive an earthquake and minimize its damage simply by becoming aware of potential hazards and taking some basic earthquake preparedness measures. Check out Federal Emergency Management Agency's online earthquake resource center.



The City of Petaluma is in the lowest hazard level (Tier 1) of wild fire threat areas. However, some areas just outside the city limits are designated at Tier 2. Read our tip sheet to learn how to reduce the risk of fire, whether caused by nature or by an accident in your home or business.



The rainy season often brings flooding to Petaluma. Most of the flooding occurs near Industrial Drive and primarily affects the businesses located there. However, we all need to know how to respond if we encounter flooding as we're driving or in other situation. Read our tips here.


City Planning

The City of Petaluma follows standard emergency management protocols in the way it plans for and response to emergencies. The cornerstone of this system is the City's Emergency Operations Center, or EOC. Learn about the EOC and how the City plans for emergencies.


Prepare Your Family & Neighborhood

Power Shutoff

Business Prep

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