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Employee Policies

Violence in the WorkplacePolicies PDF (1.1 MB)
Privately Owned Vehicles on City BusinessPolicies PDF (32 KB)
City Owned Vehicles on City BusinessPolicies PDF (27 KB)
Vehicle Use PolicyPolicies PDF (227 KB)
Use of Cellular Phone/Communication DevicesPolicies PDF (355 KB)
Unit 4, Unit 9, and Unit 11 Temporary Assignment PayPolicies PDF (75 KB)
Smoking OrdinancePolicies PDF (144 KB)
Short-term Temporary Disability Benefit ProgramPolicies PDF (273 KB)
Safety and Physical Environment of the CommunityPolicies PDF (32 KB)
Reporting of Injury-Illness to Cal-OSHAPolicies PDF (13 KB)
Probationary Periods by ClassificationPolicies PDF (206 KB)
Prevention of Workplace Harassment PolicyPolicies PDF (681 KB)
Personnel Rules and Regulations City of PetalumaPolicies PDF (58 KB)
Performance Appraisal and Philosophy and PolicyPolicies PDF (689 KB)
Overtime Compensation for Part-time Employees PolicyPolicies PDF (29 KB)
Overtime Approval and ReportingPolicies PDF (24 KB)
Notification of Change in Personal StatusPolicies PDF (160 KB)
Living Wage and Leave for Designated City Employees PolicyPolicies PDF (97 KB)
Injury and Illness Prevention Policy 5.22.18Policies PDF (1.1 MB)
Internet Use and E-Mail PolicyPolicies PDF (616 KB)
Fraud Prevention and ControlPolicies PDF (435 KB)
FingerprintingPolicies PDF (1.5 MB)
Family and Medical (or Pregnancy) Leave Policy and Request FormPolicies PDF (450 KB)
Employment of Relatives and Consensual RelationshipsPolicies PDF (338 KB)
Electronic Systems E-MailPolicies PDF (242 KB)
Education and Training ReimbursementPolicies PDF (479 KB)
Drug and Alcohol Policy – PPMMAPolicies PDF (222 KB)
Domestic Partnership LawPolicies PDF (18 KB)
Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug and Alcohol PolicyPolicies PDF (908 KB)
Contract Change Order PolicyPolicies PDF (193 KB)
Bilingual Proficiency and Certification FormPolicies PDF (208 KB)
Bilingual Testing and CertificationPolicies PDF (499 KB)
Alcohol and DrugPolicies PDF (527 KB)
Active Military Duty or TrainingPolicies PDF (65 KB)
Acceptance of GiftsPolicies PDF (132 KB)

We work hard to attract and retain smart and cutting edge staff.

by Charlie Castillo

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