Planning Major Development Projects

This page provides a summary of all proposed major developments within the City of Petaluma. The following information breaks projects up by current status and the map below shows the location of all major projects. A  .pdf of the Major Projects Map, including a list of all projects and their current status is also available below.

In Planning Process

Formal project application has been filed for one or more discretionary planning approvals. Residential projects of fewer than two units are not included unless Planning Commission approval is required, nor are non-residential projects that do not result in new development.


Deer Creek - Residential

East Washington Commons

All Planning Approvals

The project has received all discretionary approvals from the City, with no appeals pending.


In Plan Check

The project has received all planning approvals; construction drawings have been submitted to the Building Division.

Adobe Road Winery

North River Apartments

Under Construction

The project has received all planning approvals; final plans approved; building and other permits have been issued; and project may be under construction.


Recently Completed

The project has completed construction and closed out all related permits with Building and Planning.


Major Projects Map


map pins

Commercial     Residential     Mixed Use

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