Police Divisions

A lot happens in a Police Department. Some of our work involves sworn officers and duties typically associated with law enforcement -- making arrests, investigating crimes, etc. Other duties involve civilian staff who do behind-the-scenes work, such as dispatching calls, writing grants, and managing records and evidence. A few Department members, like the Chief and Deputy Chief, are sworn officers who also have management and administrative responsibilities.

The Department is organized into functional groups, or Divisions, based on the work that is being done. This helps us with the overall management of the program. Staff move between divisions based on their skill-sets and professional goals, as well as Department needs. Our ability to rotate staff (especially sworn officers) helps us make sure that staff are trained to respond when and where needed.

police sheild


The Administration Division provides the leadership and administrative backbone for the Police Department. This Division includes the Chief, Deputy Chief, supervising lieutenants, and support staff.

Patrol Services

Patrol Officers are out and about, observing and taking action to ensure public safety in an assigned area. They respond to calls, make arrests, serve warrants, and complete other law enforcement duties.

Specialty Assignments

Specialty Assignments consists of teams of officers trained to respond to specific types of situations (e.g., hostage situation) or with certain tools (K-9).

Support Services

This team does behind-the-scenes work such as dispatching calls, processing records and evidence, organizing public outreach, and coordinating volunteers.

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