Property Use Permits

Change of Use or Occupancy

Changing how a space is used doesn't necessarily require a permit, but the new use may require permits. This is often related how the space is used and how many people will use a particular space. Check with your architect or our staff at the Building & Planning Counter to find out if this applies to you.

Home Occupation Permit

This permit is required when you work from home. You need to submit it to the Planning Department. Click here for more info.

Short Term Vacation Rental

Anytime you rent a residential space for less than 30 days it is considered a short term rental. If you chose to rent a space in this way, often by listing a space or a room on Air BnB or like website, you will need a permit. More Info.

Conditional Use Permit

Many uses are allowed by out codes conditionally. This means that you need a special permit that will outline the conditions for the use. For instance, establishments selling alcohol often require such a permit. The permit sets conditions such as hours of operations. Talk to someone at the Planning Counter to learn more. Click here for the permit application.

Temporary Use Permit

Sometimes you may want to use your property differently than the way it was intended. For instance, you may want to have an event at retail store.  Or, you might sell Christmas Trees in an empty parking lot. These kinds of activities require Temporary Use Permits from the Planning Division.

Special Events

If you are planning a fund raiser that involves a race on public property, or a festival at a park, you will need a Special Event Permit. Anytime you host an even on City-owned property, you will need this permit.

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Use Permits make sure that people are safe and your impact on your neighbors is minimal

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