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Public Works Development Engineering

Engineering a Safe, Healthy City

The Development Engineering team makes sure that private development projects meet the highest safety standards, not only in their design and construction but also in their impact on traffic, neighborhoods, and other aspects of every day life.

Team members spend a lot of time reviewing blueprints, soil analyses, maps, and other documents related to construction projects. Their hard work ensures that all projects meet both engineering standards and City requirements.

Development Engineering is also in charge of:

  • Encroachment permits
  • Traffic Management
  • Maps and Soil Reports Library
  • Floodplain Administration
  • Sewer Lateral Replacement Grants
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Development Engineering is responsible for traffic management in the City. Learn what that entails and how you can report traffic concerns.



Development Engineering administers the City's Floodplain program. Learn more about the program on our Floodplain page.

City Standards

Access electronic copies of the City's Design and Construction Standards and Specifications here. For paper copies, contact Public Works at (707) 778-4303 or by email.



Development Engineering maintains a library of maps and soils reports related to development in the City. To review or order copies, contact Public Works at (707) 778-4303 or by email.


Permits and Applications

Sewer Lateral

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