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The City keeps track of a lot of information. We have records to track decisions and discussion by the City Council. We also have police reports, water testing reports, maps, permits and much more. In most cases, you are entitled to see any City record. Some reports remain confidential like police and fire reports. We work hard to organize our data and information so that you can find it easily.

Requesting records and reports often follows a formal process so that we can make sure the responses are complete and include the information you are seeking. In most cases there is a form involved which you will find by clicking through the categories below.

The California Public Records Act

The City is responsible for making public records available when they are requested. This rule is called the California Public Records Act and it was enacted in 1968. This law describes the kinds of documents that are not subject to disclosure and the required time frame for producing records. If the City does not respond according to the laws, the City could be liable for court costs and attorney fees in addition to being required to produce the requested documents.

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Public Records Act

The hardest part about getting you the documents you want is understanding what you seek. That's why we've created a form to ask the questions that will help us find the records you want. You can fill out the form here.

City Council Actions

The City Council reviews reports before every decision. To see these reports and/or related documents, check out our Granicus System. To see a summary of City Council actions, visit the City Council page.

Police Reports

As you can imagine, there are a lot of rules dictating how we keep and share police reports. Click here to learn who can receive a report and access the online form to request one.

Fire Reports

Fire Reports are created to document incidents. They are only available to certain people in specific circumstances. Fill out the form to tell us what you need. We'll do the rest.


Planning Documents


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