Storm Drain System

What is the Storm Drain System?

The purpose of the storm drain system is to carry rainfall runoff from city streets to local waterways. You'll see the system in action after a rainy day or night. Rain that doesn't seep into the earth flows into gutters and drains, through under pipes or open ditches and discharges untreated into local streams, rivers and other surface water bodies. Storm drain inlets are typically found in curbs and low-lying outdoor areas.

Pollution Prevention is Important

Runoff from our rooftops, parking lots, streets, and parks all discharges into the City’s storm drains. These storm drains are connected to our local waterways. That means pollutants such as litter, fertilizers, sediment, animal waste, and oil and grease can be picked up by runoff and washed into our creeks, and eventually the San Francisco Bay. That’s not only harmful to those critters that depend on our waterways, it also has the potential to impact public health and diminish local recreational opportunities.

Do's and Don'ts

This would explain what people should and shouldn't do relating to storm water. E.g., throwing trash in gutter, using chemicals to wash cars at home, etc.

How to Report Illegal Dumping and Other Problems

photo of Petaluma River

This quote would talk about taking care of the storm water ecosystem and preventing pollution in our gutters.

- Kent Carothers, Deputy Director, Operations

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