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The City's Zoning Ordinance - usually referred to as simply "zoning" - is the set of rules that describes WHAT types of activities are allowed within the City, WHERE these activities can occur, and HOW physical structures and land parcels can be developed or changed to accommodate these activities.

The Zoning Ordinance divides the City into different zones (or districts), each of which allows specific activities and types of development.  The Zoning Ordinance also establishes requirements about parking, landscaping, building height, and other aspects of life.

Put together, these rules help the City change and grow while still ensuring public health and safety, promoting economic well-being, and preserving the community's feel and aesthetic.

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Zoning is an important factor to consider when making decisions about:

  • Finding a suitable location to start or expand your business
  • Adding on to your home or adding another housing unit onto your lot
  • Changing your business in a way that produces noise, smells, or other nuisances
  • Expanding your hours or adding a night shift
  • Building or renovating space, especially in a historic district
  • Installing a sign that can be seen from outside your building
  • Leasing space in your building to another business
  • Conducting business activities from a residence
  • Changing the exterior of a building
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